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At our core, we hold four fundamental values; each of these pillars is integral to our mission and guides our every action. Safety is paramount, ensuring the well-being of both our clients and employees in every endeavor we undertake. Service drives us to go above and beyond, delivering exceptional experiences and solutions to meet the diverse needs of our stakeholders. Embracing Technology and fostering Innovation allow us to remain at the forefront of our industry, constantly evolving and adapting to better serve our community. Professionalism, quality, respect, and integrity are the cornerstones upon which we build our relationships, both internally and externally. Through seamless interaction with clients and employees alike, we cultivate an environment of collaboration and mutual growth, ensuring the success of all involved.

We are
ACI Mechanical

“We are a full-service, merit-shop, design-build commercial/industrial mechanical contractor. Our company was founded in 1945 with a solid commitment to customer service that still exists today. The ACI team comprises of engineers, project managers, skilled welders, pipe fitters, sheet metal mechanics, service technicians, and support staff who are all dedicated to serving our clients.”

Industry Access

We use the latest design software version and model all projects before construction begins.

Planning Strategy

We operate an in-house sheet metal fabrication facility and a pipe fabrication facility.

Client Satisfaction

Our team met the owner’s construction schedule and exceeded their safety expectations.

On time Delivery

Our piping fabrication facility uses the Panajaris Automated Orbital Welding System.


Our philosophy is to create an accident-free environment through leadership, communication,
employee involvement, and recognition. By fostering an attitude of safety consciousness, our key
leaders develop a “spirit” of zero harm and reduce incidents.

It is a fact. Rules do not prevent accidents; people do.

For two consecutive years, we received Accident-Free Award.

Our History

Our company was founded in 1945 in Marshalltown, Iowa, as a local appliance repair shop, and we operated under that structure until 1957, when we became the local dealer for Lennox Industries. Almost 60 years later, we continued our relationship with Lennox Industries as an Alliance dealer.

We operated as a local heating and cooling company until the early 80s, when we added a traveling element to our business, working mainly in the government markets. We completed military family housing projects and Corps of Engineers projects across the United States. During this timeframe, we also added plumbing to our business offerings. By the mid-80s, we had become a full-service mechanical contractor focused on the heavy commercial and industrial marketplace.

In August 1998, we became part of the Comfort Systems USA family of companies to expand our footprint in the national markets and re-establish ourselves in the local HVAC service market. Today, we operate as two companies: ACI Mechanical, Inc., which is focused on larger heavy commercial and industrial construction projects, and Comfort Systems USA Midwest, which is focused on HVAC service, building automation, and minor mechanical construction projects. Although we are two companies, we operate as one to meet the expanding needs of our clients.

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Our Mission

A diversified mechanical contracting, engineering, and management firm with professional, skilled, and experienced personnel capable of providing a variety of quality services to public and private customers who desire to work with a flexible contractor that offers complete “turn-key” construction services and ongoing support throughout the United States.

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