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    ACI Mechanical awards We’ve earned numerous awards for our dedication to security. But our true mission goes beyond recognition – it’s about ensuring safety for everyone. From day one, we’ve prioritized implementing top-notch practices and technologies to protect our clients and employees. Our efforts have been recognized multiple times, validating our commitment to maintaining the…

  • top contractor

    top contractor



    TOP PERFORMER CRITERIA ABC’s Top Performers lists acknowledge the accomplishments of member contractors across various criteria such as safety, quality, diversity, and project excellence. These lists are ranked by work hours and include special designations. Included in these listings are contractors who have obtained ABC’s Accredited Quality Contractor credential, demonstrating their dedication to corporate responsibility…

  • near miss

    near miss

    Good Catch/Near Miss In the world of workplace safety, proactive measures can make all the difference. ACI Mechanical understands this better than most. Thanks to Comfort Systems USA Vector system support, ACI Mechanical is able to harness the power of near misses, preventing accidents and injuries within our organization. The Power of ACI Mechanical’s Safety…

  • nfpa 99

    nfpa 99

    Why NFPA 99 Certification Matters Uncompromising Patient Safety: NFPA 99, also known as the Healthcare Facilities Code, sets the gold standard for safety in healthcare facilities. Certification ensures that medical gas and vacuum systems are designed, installed, and maintained with the highest degree of safety. There’s no room for error when it comes to delivering…

  • Fall HVAC Maintenance

    Fall HVAC Maintenance

    Fall is coming… As a facility or Maintenance manager, one of the biggest headaches when switching the HVAC system from cooling to heating is ensuring a smooth transition that minimizes disruptions and maximizes energy efficiency. HVAC systems are designed differently for cooling and heating. Ensuring that the system is compatible with both modes and properly…

  • Innovative Minds

    Innovative Minds



    ACI MECHANICAL, Inc.: Harnessing Innovative Minds, Skilled Hands, and Smart Solutions for a Sustainable Future In the dynamic world of mechanical engineering, ACI MECHANICAL, Inc. stands tall as they lead the charge with a perfect blend of innovative minds, skilled hands, and smart solutions. The company’s relentless commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing…

  • Tech Revolution

    Tech Revolution



    How Technology Has Revolutionized the Construction Industry in the Last 15 Years Over the last 15 years, the construction industry has undergone a profound transformation, thanks to the rapid advancement and integration of technology. From project planning to execution and maintenance, technological innovations have streamlined processes, improved safety, increased efficiency, and enhanced overall productivity. In…

  • Silica Exposure

    Silica Exposure

    Understanding Silica: Risks, Dangers, and Protective Measures  It is crucial to be aware of potential hazards in the workplace, and one such hazard is silica. Silica is a naturally occurring mineral found in various rocks, sand, and soil. It is present in materials commonly used in construction, mining, and manufacturing processes, such as concrete, brick,…

  • Heat Stroke

    Heat Stroke

    Heat stress occurs when the body is unable to regulate its core temperature adequately, leading to an accumulation of heat. Several factors contribute to this condition: High Temperatures: Exposure to hot weather conditions or hot work environments, can overwhelm the body’s ability to cool itself. Humidity: High humidity levels hinder the body’s ability to evaporate…

  • Building a Safer Future

    Building a Safer Future

    Building a Safer Future: ACI Mechanical, Inc. Sets the Standard in Construction Excellence.   ACI Mechanical, Inc. takes immense pride in being a driving force in the construction industry, setting the bar high for impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising commitment to safety. With a rich legacy of successful projects and a team of seasoned professionals, ACI…

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